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The software, 3DVisualizer is built on a visualization toolbox called VRUI (Virtual Reality User Interface). Both of these software packages are developed “in-house” at UC Davis as part of the KeckCAVES. These are research software packages that are constantly under development. Before deciding to go forward with downloading the software, please read through all of the information about installing as this is not an easy process. If you are running on a linux system or MAC OSX and are familiar with installing your own software using makefiles, then simply download the latest version of 3DVisualizer and VRUI from the KeckCAVES download website. However, if you are running on a MAC OS X system are are not familiar with makefiles, then there are several steps involved in order to install using a software installation package (see below).

Installing 3DVisualizer on MAC OSX Using Homebrew

You may be familiar with installing packages on MAC OSX with a DMG file or other package manager where you just click a few buttons and your done. Unfortunately that option is not currently available for 3DVisualizer. If you are familiar with installing with makefiles (as is used on linux systems) you can download and install following the readme instructions. Alternatively, you can use a software package called HomeBrew to handle the installation of 3DVisualizer. However that means that first you need to install HomeBrew, which requires a few things (that 3DVisualizer also requires) that are not standard on most MAC OS X installations. If you run and compile your own code on your MAC, then this will be familiar, otherwise it will be an unfamiliar but hopefully not a painful experience.

Basic Requirements
This is just a list of requirements. For more information on each of these points, follow the links below:

If your computer already meets all these requirements, then you can go directly to the instructions for downloading and installing 3DVisualizer.