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Animation (.mov) based on image courtesy of wordle.net

3D Geo-Structures Visualization Education Project:

Goal: To provide a virtual means by which students of geology can learn and practice the skills necessary to accurately visualize, derive meaning, and interpret three-dimensional geological structures.

Approach: We have developed a series of simple digital 3D structures (syncline, anticline, fold, dipping layers...), which can be viewed directly or combined with 3D digital topography (real topography taken from airborne lidar data sets) using the KeckCAVES 3DVisualizer software. The data can be viewed in pre-made movies or downloaded with the 3DVisualizer software for self-exploration.

Uses: The movies or the data/software can be used for demonstrations, to aide explanations during lectures or as lab or homework exercises. We have developed several example exercises to get you started. Some of these exercises may be adapted as "make-up" assignment for a student who missed a field experience or for a disabled or injured student who can not go into the field.

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